We also provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of your media objectives. No matter what your budget, we will work with you to provide a quality product. Here is a partial list of the services we provide:

  1. BulletScript to Screen HD Video Production for Broadcast, B2B, and Internet Delivery.

  2. BulletFull Digital Media Implementation of Advertising and Marketing campaigns

  3. BulletScreenwriting and Storyboarding

  4. BulletHD Camera Acquisition and Support (Camera w/Operator or Full Crew)

  5. BulletFinal Cut Studio HD Studio Editing

  6. BulletMotion Graphic Design and Compositing with Photoshop and After Effects

  7. BulletMedia Encoding and Digital Distribution via FTP

  8. BulletCompression and Encoding for IPAD, IPhone, and Android Devices

  9. BulletDigital Media and Design Consultation for Broadcast, B2B, and Internet Delivery

  10. BulletWeb Banner Creation and Implementation

  11. BulletDVD Authoring and Duplication

EvisionTV also has a Consumer Division. Here are two services we offer to the consumer marketplace.

“Memories For Generations” are personal tributes designed to recognize milestones, accomplishments, or celebrate an individual or group. These typically are initially presented in front if an audience and than distributed on DVD to the honoree’s family and friends.http://www.evisiontv.com/memories/memories.htmlhttp://www.evisiontv.com/memories/memories.htmlhttp://www.evisiontv.com/memories/memories.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1

“College Sports Recruiting Videos” are short compilations of an individual’s athletic skills. It portrays the potential collegiate student-athlete in their best moments, exposes them to more recruits, thus increasing their odds of securing an athletic scholarship. These are typically distributed via YouTube and DVD.http://www.evisiontv.com/sports/sports.htmlhttp://www.evisiontv.com/sports/sports.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
LEARN MOREhttp://www.evisiontv.com/memories/memories.html

We provide full creative development and the technical expertise needed to develop a full digital media campaign for:

  1. BulletCorporate and Trade Show Presentations

  2. BulletTelevision and Radio Spot Advertising

  3. BulletTraining and Development

  4. BulletBrand Awareness

  5. BulletDocumentaries

  6. BulletWebisodes



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